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Tournaments are not enough
Published: Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Now is the time to plan your showcase schedule, says Perfect Game National Showcase Director Jim Arp.

 “We have our 2011 schedule pretty close to completed and it will be announced shortly. It is time for players to sign up for showcases so that we can help get them exposure to college coaches and pro scouts,” Arp says.

Also, there are still a couple of big events remaining this year.  Check out the year-ending Underclassmen events and the World Showcase.  These are among the most important events each year on the Perfect Game schedule.

Make sure to look at the links below for the Underclass and World showcases.  Scroll down the page and see the players who have attended those events in past years, and you’ll get the picture!  There are other events also held in December and early January.

National Underclass History

World Showcase History

“We have had unprecedented success helping players at all levels achieve scholarships, and become draft picks,” Arp said. “We are not just here to help the players that get drafted or sign with a D-l school. We work with coaches from all levels and our reports are available to every college coach. There is a level of baseball for almost every player and we are interested in helping all players become successful.

“Recruiting has changed and it very important for high school players to promote themselves. Along with showcases, tournaments are a good way for players to show their skills, but I really believe that playing in a tournament is not enough.”

Arp continued: “Tournaments are good for the coaches that are there, but what about the ones that couldn’t attend?  This is one reason why showcases are so important.  Perfect Game reports are available to every coach in the country and they do use them.  Coaches have lives outside of baseball and let’s face it, they cannot attend every showcase or tournament that takes place. The one thing they can do is get on their computer and look at Perfect Game reports.”

Arp emphasizes that Perfect Game has showcases all over the country and in Canada.

“We spread them out so that it is easier for players to attend and hopefully will make less travel and expense”, he said.  “Attending a Perfect Game showcase does not guarantee that you will be offered a scholarship.  It takes talent and hard work to play at the next level.  The one thing it will do is let coaches  know who you are and what type of player you are. This is one of the steps that a player needs to take to achieve his goals of playing in college or beyond.

“The tournaments show a lot and they are important, but it’s the combination of tournament play and showcase results that show scouts and recruiters the full picture,” Arp continued. “One without the other just doesn’t provide enough information about a player.  Camps, tryouts and most showcases can be good, but they don’t let the world know about the players that attend. 

“Players need to promote themselves and a Perfect Game Showcase is the best way to do that.  Then let PG reach the scouting and recruiting world.  It simply means much more coming from Perfect Game”.

So keep in mind, playing in the WWBA tournaments is very important.  However, for most, getting to a Perfect Game Showcase is even more important.  That tournament/showcase combination has worked very well for thousands.  It gives scouts and recruiters the total picture. One without the other is just not enough for those searching for the best opportunities. 

If you’re looking for honest answers, from people proven to be the very best in providing exposure and opportunity, people with the best reputation for providing unbiased evaluations, contact us.  In the meantime, please remember to check out the links above.

Jim Arp
National Showcase Director
Perfect Game
319-298-2923 ext. 112

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