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Nov 04, 2006 - Nov 05, 2006   Royal

Riverside City College - Riverside, CA
Matt Lujan
LHP 1B 6-1 200   L/L

Exit Velo
Matt Lujan is a 2007 LHP/1B with a 6'1'', 200 lb. frame from Stockton CA, who attends St. Mary's HS. Selected as a Top 10 Prospect at this event. Lujan is a talented lefty with a full repertoire of high quality pitches and the ability to pitch with them all. He has a big, strong body that looks like it will start to trim up in the coming years as he starts to gain more muscle. Lujan pitches from a high 3/4 slot and has a quick arm that works easily. His mechanics are clean and repeatable. As for his stuff, he can be downright dirty, both in his precision and in the quality of his pitches. He painted with his running fastball on both sides of the plate, cruising at 85-86 and then going and getting 88 when he wanted it. He also possesses a plus change-up that he can and will throw at any time. Those two pitches alone give him a chance to pitch at the D1 level, but it gets better. He has three different breaking balls and all of them are above average, bordering on plus. Any one of them can be used at any time and Lujan has as much feel of one as he does of the others. His cutter gets right hand hitters to start their swings and then start to bail out of the way because of its late, hard break. There were some seriously ugly swings taken against Lujan's cutter. His curveball has big time bite and good depth and his slider is very tight too. He has gained 3-4 mph in the last few months and looks to have more ahead. Lujan is the type of pitcher that can save an above average to plus pitch into the later innings, which is obviously something every pitcher would love to be able to do. He has the stuff and approach of a D1 weekend starter, sooner rather than later. In his three innings he gave up only one hit and struck out five. The second day his velocity was up to 87, showing very good resiliency. Since this event he has received multiple scholarship offers, as he should. He is a good student, comes from a very good high school program, and is one of those diamonds in the rough that emerge in the late signing period.
PG Grade 9.0