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Requesting an invite in no way signs you up or guarantees acceptance to an event. Requests for invites are reviewed on an individual basis by the event director. If accepted, you will receive an official invite.

Once that official invite is returned along with payment to our office, you will then receive a confirmation from our staff for that event. Until you receive that confirmation, your status for participating in our event is "unconfirmed".
Only displaying upcoming showcases that we are currently accepting invite request for.
Dec 28-30 2014 National Underclass Main Fort Myers, FL
Jan 03-04 2015 World Showcase Ft. Myers, FL
Jan 03-04 2015 Nat'l Underclass East Ft. Myers, FL
Jan 03-04 2015 World Uncommitted Ft. Myers, FL
Feb 07-08 2015 P/C Indoor Showcase Cedar Rapids, IA
Feb 21-21 2015 National Indoor Showcase Bridgeton, MO
Apr 18-19 2015 Spring Top Prospect Cedar Rapids, IA