2013 Sunshine West Showcase

Event Schedule

2013 Perfect Game Sunshine West Showcase: Chula Vista, Ca. Presented by Rawlings
Friday, June 7th
• 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. Early check-in to receive hat, jersey and printed materials
• 7:30 p.m. College Recruiting Seminar

Both check-in and seminars are at Courtyard San Diego Central
8651 Spectrum Center Blvd • San Diego, California 92123

7:00 AM Players report to field to check-in and receive hat, jersey and printed materials
7:30 AM PG Staff informs players and parents about showcase

Workout Begins at Southwestern College - Filming begins of all players by Skillshow

60 yard dash will be ran on the turf. Please bring tennis shoes (no track shoes or baseball cleats allowed)

8:00 AM Teams 1 thru 4- Fielding and Throwing - Players report to 60 immediately after throwing

Teams 5 thru 17- 60 Yard Dash Workout Format:      

OF - IF - 1B - C Outfielders field & throw from RF (2-3B, 3-HM)

Teams 1 thru 4- 60 Yard Dash Infielders field & throw from SS (1-at, 2-backhands, 1-forehand, 1-slow roller)

Teams 5 thru 17- Fielding and Throwing Firstbasemen field & throw from 1B (2- 3B, 2 Dp, 1-slow roller)

C - OF - IF - 1B Catcher's Pops (4 total)      
Southwestern Eastlake HS Helix HS
BP Hit Shag 10:00 AM 3-Drk Green vs 4-Gold Lo 10:00 AM 1-Black vs 2-Columbia Blue
12:00 PM 15-TxOr 14-Teal              
12:25 PM 16-Vgold 15-TxOr 12:45 PM 7-Maroon vs 8-Navy 12:45 PM 5-Gold Hi vs 6-Kelly Green
12:50 PM 11-Red 16-Vgold              
1:15 PM 12-Royal 11-Red   Game Rules: Games are 9 or 10 full innings.  
1:40 PM 13-Steel 12-Royal   No Walks or HBP. Pitchers must throw fastballs after ball 4 or HBP  
2:05 PM 14-Teal 13-Steel   keep the number of strikes until batter puts ball in play or strikes out  
2:30 PM 17-White 10-Purple   No more than 5 batters any half inning.  
2:55 PM 9-Orang 17-White              
3:20 PM 10-Purple 9-Orange 3:30 PM 13-Steel vs 14-Teal (5 inn) 3:30 PM 11-Red vs 12-Royal

4:05 PM 9-Orange vs 10-Purple 4:45 PM 14-Teal vs 17-White (5 inn)        


    6:00 PM 13-Steel vs 17-White (5 inn) 6:15 PM 15-Tx Orange  vs 16-Vegas Gold

Sunday, June 9th
Southwestern Eastlake HS Helix HS
BP Hit Shag          

8:00 AM 3-Drk Grn 7-Maroon 8:00 AM 9-Orange vs 11-Red 8:00 AM 10-Purple vs 13-Steel
8:25 AM 7-Maroon 3-Drk Grn          

8:50 AM 1-Black 5-Gold Hi          

9:15 AM 5-Gold Hi 1-Black          

9:40 AM 4-Gold Lo 8-Navy          

10:05 AM 8-Navy 4-Gold Lo          

10:30 AM 2-Col Blue 6-Kelly Gr 10:45 AM 1-Black vs 5-Gold Hi 10:45 AM 3-Dark Green vs 7-Maroon
10:55 AM 6-Kelly Gr 2-Col Blue          


11:40 AM 2-Col Blu vs 6-Kelly Gr 1:30 PM 12-Royal vs 16-Vgold (5 inn) 1:30 PM 4-Gold Lo vs 8-Navy


2:25 PM 14-Teal vs 15-Tx Orang 2:45 PM 16-Vgold vs 17-White (5 inn)    


    4:00 PM 12-Royal vs 17-White (5 inn)  

*To order Personal Recruiting Video, visit Skillshow booth at event