2007 Sunshine East Showcase

2008 Top Prospects

Wesley Freeman - OF - 2008 - Lakeland, FL
Freeman has all the tools and one of the best power/speed combinations in the 2008 draft class. How far his bat comes along will be key to his draft status out of high school.

Taylor Buran - RHP - 2008 - Richmond, VA
Buran is big and physical at 6-5, 215 lbs and is a very good athlete. He threw up to 91 mph with a nice change up and his athletic ability and strength make him project very well.

Will Raines - C - 2008 - Smithville, GA
Raines can catch and throw with the best in the 2008 catching class and his 1.74 pop time was just one indication. If the scouts like his bat, he could be a solid draft next June.

Corey Thomas - SS - 2008 - Tampa, FL
Thomas is listed as a shortstop but his 6-3, 190 lb frame is just starting to fill out and he projects huge power as he gets older. He shows pro level run/throw tools as a third baseman.

Jardian Thomas - OF - 2008 - Gainesville, FL
Thomas is a switch-hitter with power who has really improved his swing and projection with the bat over the last year. His arm strength and speed play at all three outfield positions.

Joe Church - RHP - 2008 - Princeton, WV
Church gained a National Showcase invite from his SSE performance; he threw a live 88-90 mph fastball with a sharp slider and his 6-2, 180 lb frame is athletic and projectable.

Terry McClinton - SS - 2008 - West Palm Beach, FL
McClinton is a switch-hitter who can just flat hit from both sides of the plate. He’ll likely end up at third base or the outfield but his bat will always be the center of attention.

Gary Ward - LHP - 2008 - Chesapeake, VA
Ward only lacks present velocity to move up the scout’s radar; he throws 85-87 mph very easily from the left side and has a sharp curveball. He could be a two-way college player as a first baseman, too.

Michael Williams - C - 2008 - Knoxville, TN
Williams threw 80 mph from behind the plate with a 1.77 pop time and his quickness and catching skills measure up as well. He shows pull power potential at the plate.

Thomas Clarkson - 3B - 2008 - Coral Springs, FL
All Clarkson’s tools play high except his running speed. He shows plus power potential at the plate and he was one of the top defensive infielders at the showcase.

Damarii Saunderson - LHP - 2008 - Novi, MI
Saunderson and his broad shouldered 6-3 frame stand out, along with his pure athletic tools. He’s raw both on the mound and at the plate but could be a sleeper with enough repetitions.

Heine Rivera - OF - 2008 - Fayetteville, GA
Rivera has solid present run/throw tools (6.9/88 mph) in the outfield but his projection is in his bat. He has very quick, loose hands at the plate and when he fills out his 6-2, 175 lb frame could really start driving the ball.

Jordan Jankowski - C - 2008 - McMurray, PA
Jankowski is a power/power athlete, with lots of juice in his bat and an 88-90 mph type of arm behind the plate and on the mound.

Andrew Cadger - OF - 2008 - Dunwoody, GA
Cadger is the type of left handed hitting outfielder who ends up as a top college offensive player when he gets stronger.

Nick Leone - C - 2008 - Oldsmar, FL
Leone has an above average speed/strength combination for a catcher and plays the game extremely hard. How his left handed bat develops will be the key to his future prospect potential.

Brett Harris - RHP - 2008 - Chesapeake, VA
Harris is a nice two-way prospect with right field tools and power on offense and an 88 mph fastball and loose arm on the mound.

Jake Guengerich - RHP - 2008 - Sarasota, FL
A converted infielder, Guengerich has excellent outfield defensive skills, especially his 91 mph arm strength. His bat keeps improving as he gets stronger.

Peter O'Brien - C - 2008 - Miami Gardens, FL
O’Brien has present strength at a solid 6-2, 190 lbs and lots of present, polished baseball tools, especially on defense. He projects power with the bat.

Brett Bozeman - C - 2008 - Gainesville, FL
Bozeman lacks physical strength now but his offensive and defensive actions are smooth and sound. Being a left handed hitting catcher with a strong arm is a good base to build from.

Bryan Conway - C - 2008 - Hudson, OH
Conway has surprising quickness and athletic ability for a 6-2, 220 lb catcher with plus present strength. He could have big power at the plate if he can shorten his swing.

Corey Turner - LHP - 2008 - Newberry, FL
Turner throws in the mid-80’s and can really pitch with command of all three pitches. He’s a good enough athlete to draw some looks as a centerfield prospect as well.

Ryan Waltman - C - 2008 - Semmes, AL
Waltman comes from the short (5-10) and quick school of catchers. He had a best pop time of 1.82 and keeps his swing quick and compact at the plate.

Phillip Byrd - LHP - 2008 - Moss Point, MS
Byrd is 6-5, 220 lbs and throws with minimal effort; he sits at 83-85 mph with fine tuned command and a good change up with more to come.

Zachary Allen - C - 2008 - Knoxville, TN
Allen’s best tools are his bat speed/offensive potential and his 6.9 speed, a combination that makes him a high ceiling talent if his catching skills develop.

Tyler Herrington - SS - 2008 - Thonotosassa, FL
Herrington has 6.8 speed and a fluid, natural swing from the left side that projects both power and high average.

Joseph Housey - RHP - 2008 - Hollywood , FL
The 6-3, 190 lb Housey dominated, striking out 6 in three innings with a mid-80’s fastball and a very sharp downer curveball in the mid-70’s.

Tom Sawyer - LHP - 2008 - Loxley, AL
Sawyer’s high energy delivery has lots of deception from the left side and he has a nice 4 pitch arsenal, including an 86 mph fastball and nasty split finger change.

Jack Miller - C - 2008 - Gainesville, FL
Miller impressed not only with his catching skills and pull power potential but also with his hustling, hard nosed style of play behind the plate.

Michael Meredith - MIF - 2008 - Grand Bay, AL
Meredith is a quality defensive infielder who can play all the infield positions well. His bat projects lots of power as he gets stronger.

Jeff Moyer - SS - 2008 - Winter Springs, FL
Moyer’s left handed bat and projectable pull power will continue to play even if he moves to 3B in the future; he also throws 84 mph with a sharp slider.

Brent Worsham - C - 2008 - Villa Rica, GA
Worsham’s defensive skills stand out; he’s quick behind the plate with very good looseness and easy actions. He has the tools to hit in the future as well.

C. J. Lusted - C - 2008 - Roswell, GA
Lusted has the athletic ability and defensive tools to play both third and catch at the next level. He has lots of juice in his left handed bat that is waiting to be tapped.

Trent Hillis - RHP - 2008 - Waynesboro, GA
Hillis is strong and mature at 6-1, 200 lbs and a good athlete as an outfielder. He has a quick, compact arm action that produces an 84-87 mph fastball and hard mid-70’s curveball.

Corey Deighan - RHP - 2008 - Jacksonville, FL
Dieghan is 6-4, 205 lbs and has a whip-like arm action that produces a 83-86 mph curveball and a solid sweeping curve.

Alex Ramon - OF - 2008 - Miami, FL
Ramon is 6-3, 175 lbs and has a long, loose swing that could produce lots of power with some adjustments. His run/throw tools are good at present (7.0/85 mph) and should continue to improve with strength.

2009 Top Prospects

Michael Zunino - C - 2009 - Cape Coral, FL
The son of long-time South Florida Reds scout Greg Zunino, Michael Zunino has about every physical tool you’d look for in a young catcher, plus the benefits of growing up in a baseball family.

Michael Smith - 1B - 2009 - Brandon, FL
Think about Danny Rams, the Twins 2nd round pick this past June, and you have the essence of Smith. He’s big, powerful and attacks pitches with intent to hit them a long way.

Isaac Ballou - OF - 2009 - Smithfield, VA
Ballou is just beginning to tap into his baseball potential and his athletic tools already standout. His bat could be something special down the road.

Malcolm Clapsaddle - RHP - 2009 - Geneva , FL
Clapsaddle is in the upper 80’s already with an advanced curveball/change up combination and he hasn’t got close to getting strong yet. He’s a high ceiling talent the pro scouts will appreciate.

Ryan "Scooter" Gennett - MIF - 2009 - Sarasota, FL
Gennett is the latest in the steady procession of top prospects from Sarasota HS. He has top level middle infield tools and his left handed bat could separate him from other MIF prospects.

Michael Heller - MIF - 2009 - Bradenton, FL
Heller is a young two-way prospect who throws 90 mph off the mound right now and can really swing the bat. He’ll be fun to watch develop over the next two years.

Tim Blackmon - 3B - 2009 - Tampa, FL
Blackmon has lots of physical tools and his 6-2, 180 lb frame projects to get stronger. He could end up either as a power hitting third baseman or a pitcher, as he already throws 88 mph.

Benjamin McKinney - RHP - 2009 - Johnson City, TN
McKinney is still very young but his raw tools could move him way up prospect lists as he gets older. He’s an upper 80’s pitcher now but may have a higher ceiling as a catcher.

Parker Thomas - RHP - 2009 - Winston-Salem, NC
Thomas fits the physical profile at 6-4, 220 lbs and growing and a few mechanical adjustments could make his mid-80’s fastball jump up in velocity.

Richard "Scott" Allen - RHP - 2009 - Casselberry, FL
Allen’s unusual low ¾’s delivery gives deception to an 88 mph fastball and sharp curveball; he could be a quality two-way prospect if his bat continues to develop.

Kevin Buran - RHP - 2009 - Richmond, VA
Buran looks an awfully lot like his older brother (Taylor , a top 2008 prospect above) both his strong, athletic build and his basic tools, although he’s a bit shorter at 6-2, 190 lbs.

Cameron Donisi - OF - 2009 - Coral Springs, FL
Donisi’s smooth left handed swing projects very well as he gets older and stronger. He flashes arm strength and the same type of easy actions on the mound that he has with the bat.

2010 Top Prospects

Patrick Camporini - LHP - 2010 - Safety Harbor, FL
Camporini is very young but he throws up to 83 mph with a long, smooth arm action, a big, sharp curveball and a good feel for the strike zone.

Stephen Grove - RHP - 2010 - Naples, FL
Grove has excellent pitching mechanics for a youngster and throws up to 84 mph with an idea. He has a chance to develop as a third base prospect, too.

Ryan Gallardo - C - 2010 - Roswell, GA
Gallardo’s catching skills are still developing but his bat shows the potential to be something special when he gets older and stronger.