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Fallbrook High School (0-0-0)
Fallbrook, CA

2013 63rd Annual Lions Tournament
3/25/2013 - 3/28/2013

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Team Schedule

Reese Berberet C 5-11 185 R/R 2015Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Cedric Brown C/RHP, 2B 5-11 165 R/R 2015Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Brad Cain RHP 6-2 170 R/R 2015Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Nick Devera OF/LHP 6-1 200 L/L 2012Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Mario Diez SS 5-8 160 R/R 2014Fallbrook Oceanside, CA  
Marc Henning SS/2B, 3B 6-1 170 R/R 2016Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Matthew Jepsen LHP/OF 6-1 185 R/L 2013Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Brandon Sandoval OF 6-2 190 R/R 2013Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Cristian Soto 1B 5-10 220 L/R 2013Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Pepe Soto C 5-7 155 R/R 2016Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Bryson Spagnuolo RHP/OF 5-9 165 L/R 2016Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA Santa Clara
Ezra Stallings LHP 6-1 185 L/L 2013Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Ryan Stewart OF 6-3 175 R/R 2014Fallbrook Union High School Fallbrook, CA  
Connor Stotz RHP/3B, SS 6-2 195 R/R 2014Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Alex Strizak LHP 6-2 180 L/L 2014Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
James Thomas RHP/3B, OF 6-3 210 R/R 2014Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  
Cy Vojak LHP/OF 5-11 175 L/L 2013Fallbrook Falbrook, CA  
Andy White LHP 5-9 165 R/L 2015Fallbrook Fallbrook, CA  

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Pool Standings