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Calvary Christian High School (0-0-0)
Carlsbad, CA

2013 63rd Annual Lions Tournament
3/25/2013 - 3/28/2013

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Team Schedule

Sam Athas RHP 5-10 190 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Vista, CA  
Austin Bodine OF 5-2 110 R/R 2016Calvary Christian , CA  
David Carpenter LHP/1B, OF 6-1 177 R/L 2014Calvary Christian Oceanside, CA  
Jordan Evans OF 6-0 150 R/R 2015Calvary Christian Vista, CA  
David Flores OF/2B 5-6 160 R/R 2013Calvary Christian Fallbrook, CA  
Aaron Frazee 2B 5-10 160 R/R 2013Calvary Christian Oceanside, CA  
Matt Hartman RHP/OF 6-3 175 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Valley Center, CA Arizona
Bryan Hernandez OF 6-0 195 R/R 2013Calvary Christian Escondido, CA  
JJ Ingram SS/2B 5-10 150 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Fallbrook, CA  
Kallin Iwasaki RHP/3B 5-10 155 R/R 2015Calvary Christian Carlsbad, CA  
Chase Kollenda OF/RHP 6-0 145 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Carlsbad, CA  
Andrew Leakey 2B 5-8 155 R/R 2015Calvary Christian Oceanside, CA  
Anthony Martin OF 5-11 150 R/R 2015Calvary Christian Vista, CA  
Gordon Nixon 3B/OF 5-11 175 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Bonsall, CA  
Alex Nurding 1B 6-1 175 L/L 2013Calvary Christian Carlsbad, CA  
John Schulz LHP 6-2 160 L/L 2014Calvary Christian Carlsbad, CA  
Grant Starkey OF 5-9 150 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Vista, CA  
DJ Trento C/RHP, 3B 5-10 160 R/R 2014Calvary Christian Fallbrook, CA  
Caleb Whitley C/2B 6-0 178 R/R 2013Calvary Christian Carlsbad, CA The Master’s College

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Pool Standings